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For survivors of trauma or sexual assault, family members and caring people of survivors, or those in crisis

Abstract ocean- ART. Natural Luxury. Style incorporates the swirls of marble or the ripple
Abstract ocean- ART. Natural Luxury. Stones like marble contain all the history and secret
Local Sexual Assault Crisis Lines

       Sonoma County's Sexual Assault Hotline


​       415-647-RAPE


       Mendocino County Domestic Violence and        Sexual Assault Hotlines

       707-463-4357 for Inland area

       707-964-4357 for Coast area

       Santa Cruz Sexual Assault Crisis Hotline 


Warm Line / Nonemergency Support

  • California Peer Run Warm Line 

       Non-emergency emotional support ​


       Support and online chat helpline for male          survivors of sexual assault

Support and Information

       Victims of a crime, certain family members        or loved ones can receive compensation

       Information for survivors and friends/family

       National resources and advocacy 

       for abused and neglected children​

       Organization with a mission to provide                accurate information and support on                  dissociation 

       Domestic violence and sexual abuse                  resources

National Crisis Lines

​       1-800-273-8255

       Dial or text 988 (Suicide & Crisis Lifeline)

  • Crisis Text Line

       Text "HOME" to ​741741

       National Sexual Assault Hotline 

       800-656-HOPE (4673)​

       1-800-799-SAFE (7233)​ or

       Text "START" to 88788

  • Trans Lifeline

       Trans peer support for crisis and



       LGBT National Hotline        


More for Caregivers and Caring Others...


       Awesome resource providing education on        sexual abuse, prevention, and how to talk

       about body safety. Offers free downloads,          coloring pages, materials

Mind-Body Trauma Resources

       Videos include yoga and movement,                  breath, visualization,  mindfulness,                      meditation.

       Trauma-informed yoga for survivors of                sexual assault

       Therapeutic yoga for trauma recovery


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